May 18-19 2013, Philadelphia
This is the second grand meeting of Afrocentricity International. The first meeting was held in Paris, France, in May 2012. In the spirit of resurrecting the dynamism of the movement toward African transformation, the Per-aat of Afrocentricity International, Dr. Ama Mazama, has convened some of the top thinkers in the African World to discuss the necessary African Resurgence in economics, culture, organization, spirituality, and politics. Representatives are coming from Brazil, Colombia, Nigeria, and other parts of the African world.

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What Does the African Renaissance Look Like?

Afrocentricity International remains one of the few international African organizations seeking to define what the African Renaissance will look like once it is completely instituted in the African world. The leaders of Afrocentricity International have reconfirmed in their debriefing since the Paris Conference of 2012 that the African Renaissance must have three permanent forces: creativity, will, and spirituality. Nothing will come of all the rhetoric of renaissance unless we are able to convince opinion leaders and policy makers in the African world to underscore the teaching of creativity, will, and spirituality.

Thus, Afrocentricity International invites members from all over the world who are committed to advancing the ideas of African philosophy, ideologies, symbolisms, myths, and indigenous knowledge as the foundation for creativity to participate in the general rise of Africans. Similarly, those who know that with the force of will that emanate from a strong conviction that Africans can transform themselves are the key actors in the dance toward genuine renaissance. The drums that beat in the hearts of Africans must be centered on a new enlightenment that uses the principal understanding of community grounded in ancestral reverence as the source of a rebirth. This is our mission.


Afrocentricity International is a comprehensive Pan African organization created to support the worldwide economic, cultural and educational advancement of African people. AI is dedicated to a general rise of political and cultural consciousness in order to establish and sustain a unified, dynamic, open, productive, and democratic African ethos. Our method is Afrocentric and Pan African in both theory and practice as we encourage an advanced cadre of serious individuals to promote an African renaissance. Afrocentricity International maintains databases, supports African cultural groups, and educates discourse designers, who will bolster the movement toward a rise of African people and the creation of United States of Africa.

The Mission

The overall mission of Afrocentricity International is, from its inception and formation in the numerous Afrocentric circles, clubs, groups, and organizations in the world, to speak with the united voice of Africa out of the experiences of the masses of African people in order to prevail in our goals of reclaiming sanity and stability as we have reclaimed our lands, to advance the cultural revitalization of African people in every region of the world, and to reexamine and master the knowledge that was created, and promoted by the ancestors, for use in the further construction of just, livable and harmonious societies.

In carrying out its mission Afrocentricity International honors the champions of our freedom, the geniuses who gave us the language and rituals of victory, and the struggle that continues to be necessary for us to establish strong economic and social relations among African people. AI is not a mere repository of information, but an active, energetic, and dynamic movement seeking to protect African interests and to safeguard the gains we have made in the world. Out ultimate objective must always be a more righteous, Maatic world where we advance the earth?s environment and its people. Our lives are interconnected and our goals are international and we sustain ourselves with the memory of those who have given their lives for our victory over all obstacles. We intend to succeed, region-by- region, and city by city, and neighborhood by neighborhood, country-by-country.

The Purpose of Afrocentricity

Afrocentricity is a philosophy that is dedicated to seeking African agency in every areas and sector of society. Thus, the idea of Afrocentricity puts an end to African marginalization through historical and cultural misrepresentation and ends the negation of African agency and requires Africans to exist on African terms.

Afrocentricity Proposition

African renaissance can only happen when we re-inscribe African sacredness in the center of our being.

Afrocentricity International and the United States of Africa

Among the aims of the Afrocentricity International organization are the forming of the United States of Africa, the igniting of the African Renaissance, the sustainable growth of African communities, and the bringing into the world of Maat. Thus, Afrocentricity International is an organized movement for transformation and has adherents and votarists from Africa, Europe, South America, and North America, who have given their blessings to an organization based on the best of African values. We intend to speak with clarity on every issue that confronts the collective body of African people.

Objectives of Afrocentricity International

To persistently and aggressively identify proper sources of African knowledge pertaining to cultural, economic, and social phenomena.

To analyze and critique domination of people, classes, gender, ethnicities, in all circles and to rescue language, symbols, historical documents and monuments in the name of a renascent people.

To constantly create and vigorously disseminate ideas that center people of African descent in their own historical experiences as a way of converting problems into solutions.

To influence all African public policy in every continent and every country in order to accelerate the rise of Afrocentric consciousness, the hallmark of a new African renaissance.